Player Incentive Program

Ok, What's better than pool? 
FREE pool!
How do you get 
FREE pool?  Invite your friends, family, or coworkers to come play and you can earn FREE nights!
Here's how it works:
For every
single person that you introduce, and that becomes a member, you get 1 FREE week of play.

When signing up a single player
Be sure to have the new player fill out an application form.  On the form, there is now a "referred by" line.  Have the new player put your name on that line.  As long as new players submit their Membership Dues with their applications, you will get $6 in APA Bucks that you can use for your weekly fees.
Form a team with 4 new players to the APA and after the 4th week of play, get $100 work of APA bucks!!
All you have to do is put your APA Bucks into your pay envelope the week you wish to us them or submit them with your invoice to use as a credit toward your bill in the case of a repair or purchase.
APA Bucks do not expire, so you can save them up, but they will not be replaced if lost.
So, talk to you friends, neighbors, family and coworkers.  You all know how much fun this is, share it with someone else!
Besides, there's a little in it for you too!